Digital PM Summit 2016 - Practical Magic: Choosing, evaluating, and integrating the right tools for the way you work

October 12-15, San Antonio, Texas

We did it! Shahina Patel and I presented our workshop on DPM tools at the Digital PM Summit in San Antonio, Texas. There were breakfast tacos, there was the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk, and there were so many amazing presentations. You can find more detail on our workshop here and have a look at the other great speakers here.

DPM:UK 2016 - Practical, pragmatic project prioritisation for pressured project practitioners

How many of us have estimates that are always spot-on, or a perfectly co-ordinated continuous delivery environment with a perfectly groomed backlog and self-managing team?

How many of us have a single product owner/client/point of contact for each of our projects who maintains a straightforward set of priorities that either doesn’t change, or changes in a sensible, controlled way that’s always communicated clearly and in plenty of time?

Where do you work, and are they hiring?

The truth is that all of us, at some point, face the simple fact that we have to prioritise what gets done next - what gets our time, money, resource, and attention now, and what comes later. In this presentation, I shared a straightforward, step-by-step method to get out of panic mode and back into productivity by evaluating and prioritising tasks to ensure that small jobs don't turn into big jobs, and, most importantly, to make sure that our future selves aren't cleaning up the messes our present selves inadvertently leave behind.

Agile Manchester 2015 - Can Agile save a sinking ship?

It’s one thing to be Agile when everyone is on board and excited to be there, or when there’s a new project and a clean slate. What about when things are going as wrong as they possibly can - and have been going wrong for a very long time? Is there anything that Agile can offer in these situations?

In my presentation/workshop, I related some of the battles I faced as a PM trying to integrate agile processes in order to help lead a disheartened team out of a pretty dire situation. The participants learned how to help the stakeholders discover - and accept - their minimum viable product, and learned that sometimes "We learned a lot, we got paid, and no one died" is as close as you can get to success.